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About Us

Tutor Doctor® is a professional home learning service offering trusted home tutoring (grinds) for students in Primary school, Junior Cycle (Junior Cert) and Senior Cycle (Leaving Cert) in a range of subjects including Maths, English, Irish, Science, Modern Languages and all other subjects.

We deliver a simple and successful tutoring service that goes far beyond the traditional grind, our effective learning programmes offer the extra guidance students need to master important skills, sustain high performance, and enhance their overall prospects.

By relying on well-trained and highly qualified private tutors that are suited to the student’s level and location, we’re able to cover a wide range of subject areas. Our programmes are easily adaptable, working around family life and time constraints to provide tailored services in a comfortable atmosphere.

Giving a student every opportunity to excel is our highest priority.


Tutor Doctor was started in 2000 with a simple idea and a desire to make a difference to the lives of young people through education.

Tutor Doctor came up with a plan to offer :

  1. One-to-one tutoring at the family’s home instead of one-to-many models used by most learning centers
  2. Tutoring time slots to accommodate a family’s busy schedule
  3. Personalised programmes working with the student’s existing homework and school curriculum, thus avoiding additional workload
  4. Tutor matching; matching the tutor to the student taking the student’s needs, learning type, interests, and personality into account
  5. Session reports after each tutoring session