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English is a varied language with complex rules and often has words with the same spelling but different meanings. It can be a difficult subject for children to understand, and falling behind even a bit can lead to difficulty in later years. It’s essential that children have the ability to read and write clearly and confidently.

Here at Tutor Doctor, our English grinds have years of experience in helping children get past any challenges they have in studying English. We start with an assessment to establish where the student may have weaknesses. Our English tutors then work with the student to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to improve.

Junior Certificate English:

The English grinds at Tutor Doctor are able to help students at both the ordinary and higher level of the Junior Certificate. This certificate aims to build on what students have learnt at a lower level by applying it to real-life situations.

Our English tutors can help students in the areas of:

  • English Literature, drama, novels, poetry, plays, etc.
  • Personal reading and writing
  • Comprehension of written texts
  • Increasing their vocabulary and improving their grammar

The English grind will use literature to help achieve the objectives of the syllabus. The tutor aims for a seamless learning experience of language when looking at spelling, grammar, and so on in relation to texts.

The tutoring sessions will follow the content of the syllabus and focus on comprehending and composing language. These will be explored and taught under the following headings: the language of information, argument, persuasion, narration, and the use of language.

Any texts set by the teacher in the school will be followed through by the tutor in home tutoring sessions. The English grind will ensure that each text is carefully reviewed and explored in the required context.



The Tutor Doctor Process

We have a comprehensive, collaborative approach and work together with your child and teachers to
identify the right strategies and find the perfect tutors.

  • Through our free consultation process we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to create a program that is right for your child.

  • Our advanced matching system finds a qualified tutor who suits your child’s personality and academic needs.

  • Our personalized coaching means the curriculum revolves around your child. We provide homework help and fill in the gaps to create confident, happy students.

  • We support your family every step of the way by checking in regularly and providing weekly session reports.